REMO has created a quality label & communication
solution for textiles made with recycled materials.

The fashion and textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world, but also a sector that has had a significant impact on the environmental issues arising from industrial processing of high-impact raw materials.

REMO aims to motivate and promote textile recycling and raise awareness for more sustainable solutions, waste reduction and a more conscious attitude towards ‘fast fashion’ consumption and textile production.

Use REMOkey to share your textile recycling story!

We all wear clothes and appreciate fine quality textiles. And as the ‘makers’ – brand, retailer, spinning/fabric mill or manufacturer – you understand the potential negative environmental impact of textile production.

But you are ambitious and committed. You are using or exploring recycled content in your production process, making beautiful new products with a lower environmental footprint. Let your customers know!

Start making a difference and explore Textile Recycling

Where to begin? We can help you get started

The first steps in realising your sustainability ambitions and exploring recycled textiles can be challenging. How to get started? What are the possibilities? Where to find qualified Supply Chain partners? Through our extensive international network and professional know-how, we can help you find the right path towards achieving your goals.