Add up your reduction

REMOkey figures out your key figures on environmental savings

To determine the definite percentage of recycled content in your product, we map the products journey throughout the supply chain. Starting with the origin of the recycled fibers, followed by the production of yarns and fabrics and ending at the manufacturing stage of the product.

Using recycled materials instead of 100% virgin raw materials makes a significant difference. Based on the final fabric composition and confirmed percentage of recycled content, we calculate and show the indicated impact reduction.

Environmental savings

REMOkey expresses the calculated impact reduction in: water savings, CO2 emission and energy usage. The calculation is based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach and solely focusses on the replacement of the (virgin) raw material with recycled material. Specific production methods and different geographical supplier locations are not taken into account at the moment.

The analysis is carried out using the ‘Modint Ecotool’ software developed by CE Delft, an independent Dutch research and consultancy firm. The software is based on worldwide accepted LCA databases, scientific studies, international literature and company data.