Back up your claim to sustainable fame

Truth builds trust

There is an ever growing awareness of the need of more responsible production and circular solutions. With this comes a demand for truth, validity, clarity and traceability. Independent validation of your sustainable claim is a key element in building trust among your customers.


We provide all new clients with an online 4sustainability® questionnaire which covers topics such as company profile, traceability, chemicals, people, climate, materials and recycling. This assessment is created to make an initial screening with regard to working conditions and chemical management in the supply chain. 4sustainability® is an independent third party which reviews the assessment and verifies whether the supply chain meets the requirements for REMOkey.

Is it certified?

Building credibility requires independent identification and validation. Certification sector standards such as GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) form the basis for the application of recycled textile materials. The content of specific input materials is independently audited and verified. The certification is based on ‘input and chain-of-custody’ verification by independent organizations and third parties. To be eligible for the REMOkey service your production process has to be certified with at least one of these standards.