Who we are

REMO aims to motivate textile recycling by helping to raise awareness for more sustainable and sensible solutions in textile production and consumption. Our team consists of a colourful group of people with different backgrounds, but a shared idea. Our collective expertise is a mix of scientific discipline, knowledge of textiles, analytical thinking, workable ideas and a lot of creativity.

We are here to help and serve our clients in the best way possible. Working together to provide a one-stop-solution with a customized approach. Teamwork is key!

A short introduction of our team

Martin Havik


After a successful career in Pro-Cycling, Martin starts a new adventure in the textile industry in Italy. In the Prato Textile district Martin learns about the possibilities and high potential of textile recycling. By actively sharing and applying his knowledge and experience to motivate textile recycling, his inspiration is to make a difference. Aiming to raise awareness and stimulating sustainability, waste reduction and a more conscious attitude towards fashion and textile production.

Jesse Dolstra


Jesse studied International Business and started his professional career in a very different sector, at a fintech startup, being responsible for Dutch partnerships and business development. Aside from developing and partaking in several entrepreneurial activities, Jesse joined the REMOkey team in early 2021. Being convinced that the time to help change the textile industry is now, Jesse is enthusiastic and eager to help brands better understand their sustainability data so they can effectively inform consumers about the impact of their products.

Anton Luiken


Anton Luiken worked for 22 years at TNO, The Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research, gaining extensive knowledge on innovations, sustainability and circular economy in the textile supply chain. In 2008 he founded Alcon Advies, a consultancy company focusing solely on circularity in textiles. Anton brings 35+ years of expertise in textiles has a broad international network in circular textiles. In REMO, Anton is responsible for the data on circularity and the environmental calculations. Anton holds the position of CTO in REMO and the parent organisation REBA Holding.

Sander Ladenius


Sander studied Graphic Design and started his professional career as head Studio at a company specialized in corporate & promotional clothing, merchandise and licensed textile collections. Here he specialized in print and collection design, technical production management and digital presentation. Since 2007 he has been active as independent entrepreneur in graphic design, digital visualization and various creative projects. His broad skill set, makes Sander a creative, analytical and ‘digi-technical’ allrounder.

Arjette Willemse


Arjette is an expert in organizing, order management, back office and finance. She provides the flow and planning within the team and is responsible for the associated tasks in assisting the other team members.