Recycled content in your product

In order to determine the definite percentage of used recycled content in your product, we map the production trail throughout the Supply Chain. Starting with the origin of the recycled fibres, through production of yarns and fabrics and possible finishing and ending at the manufacturing stage of the product.

Based on the final fabric composition and confirmed percentage of recycled content, we calculate an indication of environmental savings (impact reduction) of the applied recycled raw materials against using 100% virgin raw materials.

Environmental Savings

The calculated indication of impact reduction is expressed in the savings on water consumption, CO2 emissions and energy usage. The calculation is based on a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, which considers only the replacement of the (virgin) raw material with recycled material. This analysis is carried out using the ‘Modint Ecotool’ software, developed by CE Delft, based on generally accepted LCA databases, international studies, literature and company data.