Mapping the trail of your Supply Chain

Your claim deserves credibility. We organise this based on ‘shadowing’ the administrative trail in line with the mapping of the actual production chain of a product. For this, all related invoicing, bills of material, mass balance declarations and other relevant administration are required. Resulting in the sufficient level of comfort to speak without any reserve about facts.

Certification integration

It sometimes takes a pair of fresh eyes...

Building credibility requires independent identification and determination. For that we join in with textile sector standards that verify and independently audit the content of specific input materials, like GRS (Global Recycled Standard), CCS (Content Claim Standard) or RCS (Recycled Claim Standard). These standards are based on ‘input and chain-of-custody’ verification by independent third parties.

Traceability solutions

You can hardly see- or feel the difference between recycled and virgin materials. But you can mark- and trace it. To proof the authenticity of the content, we have teamed up with leading innovators in textile-traceability solutions. By adding traceable pigments to the yarns, the claim of recycled content is to be demonstrated in a simple way by reading out the yarn, the fabrics or even the endproduct.

By combining tracing and blockchain, we can organise a natural chain-of-trail from fiber to retail, a digital ‘content passport’.


Recycle Movement: REMO delivers the key for textile sustainability