Share your
sustainable story

Not just any label

The REMOkey label informs your customers in a clear and direct way on the percentage of recycled content used in your products and the environmental savings this has achieved. An effective, positive ‘messenger’ at the point-of-purchase.

Scan for more…

The QR-code on the label opens a digital doorway to the full story you want to share with your customers. Scanning the QR-code leads to a customized landing page which shows more information on the product, your company and anything else you want to point out.

Powerful communication, how it works:

REMOkey label

Inside (sewn) label, card sticker and/or tag for clothing and textile products. Giving clear information on the final percentage of recycled content, impact reduction (water savings, CO2 reduction and energy) and a QR-code leading to the product landing page.

Customized landing page

Web page showing all information on the product, your company profile, etc. Telling your story through appealing images, text content, graphics and embedded Youtube or Vimeo videos.

Product history

Apart from storytelling, your personal landing page also displays the full production history of your product. It gives a clear insight into the origin and journey of the recycled material through your supply chain. Providing your customers with valuable information on the what, who, where and when.

Design & Marketing services

REMOkey offers professional graphic design support to create an appealing presentation of your product and company. In order to match your corporate identity the ‘look & feel’ of the landing page is customizable.