Recycle Movement

REMOkey Team

Martin Havik

Founder | Motivator

Jesse Dolstra

Sales Representative

Anton Luiken

Senior Expert Textile Sustainability

Sander Ladenius

Design | Visual Communication

Arjette Willemse

Backoffice | Finance

The story starts with founder Martin Havik.

After a successful career in Pro-Cycling, Martin starts a new adventure in the clothing industry located in the area of Prato, Italy. In the Prato Textile district there’s a 100+ years of tradition and experience in regenerating wool. This is where Martin learns about the possibilities and high potential of textile recycling.

“I experienced for myself the valuable proces of recycling. From collecting and sorting, shredding and unravelling, to spinning new yarns and weaving quality fabrics… ending with a new product. It is fascinating and beautiful!”

After realising that in fact the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, Martin decides to change his course and set a new goal. By actively sharing and applying his knowledge and experience to motivate textile recycling, his inspiration is to make a difference. Recycle Movement (REMO) and the concept of creating a label & communication platform is born. Aiming to raise awareness and stimulating sustainability, waste reduction and a more conscious attitude towards fashion and textile production.