Share your story
through label & webpage

Rich & clear communication tools for sharing visually attractive storytelling and transparent information on your product and sustainability projects. The REMOkey QR-code leads to a client-based landing page showing product information, your story, the journey of the recycled content and the calculated environmental savings on Water, CO2 and Energy.

Communication Services

  • REMOkey label

    Inside (sew-in) label, card sticker and/or hangtag for clothing and textile products. Giving clear information on the final % recycled content, calculated indication of environmental savings and QR-code leading to the product landing page.

  • Landing page

    Webpage showing all information on the product and your sustainability ambitions. Telling your story through photo images, text content, graphics and embedded Youtube or Vimeo video link.

  • Product history

    Aside from storytelling, the landingpage also shows the full production history of your product. Insight into the origin and journey of the recycled content through your Supply Chain. Providing transparent information on the what, who, where & when. 

  • Design & Marketing

    We offer marketing support, concept strategy and graphic design for creating visually attractive landingpages and the best representation of your brand/company. The look & feel of the landingpage is customizable to match your company identity.