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Remade Cotton Blend


Fall 2019 Walra will introduce a series of recycled products titled 'Remade Cotton Blend. Customers and consumers are asking for sustainable products and Walra will answer by releasing Bath & Bedding lines made with 100% recycled materials.

The line of bathing towels are made using 100% recycled materials. Resulting in not only sustainable, but also well absorbing and fast-drying products. The Bedlinen line consists of 52% collected PET bottles and 48% recycled cotton and tested succesfully in comfort and quality. Furthermore Walra will also use sustainable packing materials for their products. Using recycled paper and biobased polybags.

The Walra 'recycling' motto:
"You & me, taking care of our next generation."

Sustainable Denim


ASOS has committed to 100% sustainable cotton by 2025. "Denim is an investment product with a longer life cycle than most garments, but is one of the most water consuming materials and has high manufacturing waste statistics. Our Sustainable Denim strategy aims to reduce the amount of virgin materials and water used in denim production, and promote sustainable design and production."

ASOS has increased the use of recycled cotton in their fabrics by collaborating with the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) and REMOkey to help embedding circularity into their supply chain. ASOS has stocked 17,300 Mens and Womenswear recycled denim items containing 18% to 24% post-consumer denim."

ASOS - Denim & the environment:
"Reducing the environmental impact of our denim."

ESG Green

European Spinning Group

The ESG Green collection is an upcycled yarn collection of recycled cotton, recycled denim or recycled polyester, blended with virgin raw white and dope dyed fibres for environmentally friendly circular fabrics with optimal performance. We work closely together with all partners in the circular supply chain to develop this collection further and launched the #hackyourjeans awareness project.

Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton and Denim
ESG pioneers in spinning yarn blends for:
Denim - Knitwear - Workwear - Towels - Tents

Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester
• Recycled polyester filament
• Raw white - Dope dyed
• GRS certified
• Recycled polyester spun yarns
• 100% Polyester and melanges

ESG Green:
"Acting now contributes to a better world tomorrow!"



"We work to create fashion and beauty making of recycling the only possible choice to support the environment and the people who are part of it."

The yarns and fabrics originate from recycled raw materials, from textile by-products or used clothes without the use of dye. Products that fit perfectly in the circular economy philosophy.

Made in Prato Italy where the culture of recycling was born in 1850. COM.I.STRA is a historic company in this textile district that has invested in the technological innovation of textile recycling since the 1980’s.

Rigenius by COM.I.STRA:
"The green fabric that respects the planet"

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